The Best Way To
Meet Singles

The social events club for singles that makes meeting new friends and
finding new relationships comfortable and easy.

The Best Way To
Meet  Singles 

The social events club for singles that makes meeting new friends and
finding new relationships comfortable and easy.







Social events club
Social events for singles
My Social Calendar Events vs Blind Dates

Blind dates, swipe rights and lonely nights.
Sound familiar?

  • You find it hard to meet new people.
  • You’re tired of dating apps and bad match ups.
  • You’re looking for new groups and friendships.
  • You want to find other people like you.

Let’s Change That.
Meet My Social Calendar!

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Events for Any & All Ages

Make connections with others like yourself. Confidently meet people who share common interests and come from all walks of life — all stages of life.

Exclusive Calendar Access for Social Events Near You

Exclusive Event Calendar Access

Get access to our exclusive calendar of member-only events. Over 20+ events curated and hosted by our expert planners each month.

thousands of members

Thousands of Members Across the U.S.

With 4 locations spread across the United States, meet face-to-face with people in your area. More members joining every day!

Events Calendar for Singles event meetup group

Signing up is simple.
Like really simple.

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  • 1
    Connect With Us
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    Start Socializing!

What Sets Us Apart
From The Dating Sites And Phone Apps


We Are Not A Dating Service

My Social Calendar does not take your picture or have you post an awkward profile of yourself.  We do plan fantastic monthly events, where our members can meet each other in an organic group setting and socialize with new friends. 


We Are Real People

Whether you are divorced, new to town, shy, recently broken up, or all your friends are married… You are single. Every member of My Social Calendar is just like you, and we want to meet you all while having fun at an event!


Every Event Has A Host

What makes My Social Calendar so unique is that every event you sign up for will have a designated host that will greet and introduce you to all members that will be attending the event. We want all members to have a warm and fuzzy feeling from their first to their last event.

Here’s What We’ve Accomplished Since 2017.


Members Joined


Events Hosted


Locations Across the U.S.

Our Members Love Us! And you will too.

I have new lifelong friends that I wouldn’t have had if it hadn’t been for My Social Calendar. Plus, there is a great variety of things I wouldn’t have done if I didn’t join My Social Calendar. I always look forward to the events to see my friends.

-Bruce R.

I feel that joining My Social Calendar is one of the best decisions that I have made. I have done things that I have not done before or thought of doing. The people that I met are very nice and several of them I could truly call friends. My Social Calendar has really done wonders for my social life.

-Paul A.

As a member, I met some great people, now dear friends and had the chance to do some really cool things that I wouldn’t have done on my own (or known about). Most importantly I met a great guy through the group.

-Carolina J.

Four great locations.
And only growing from there.

Boston, Charlotte, Tampa, South Florida
Coming Soon!



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